Higher Education of Prisoners

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Higher Education of Prisoners by Mind Map: Higher Education of Prisoners

1. Benefits

1.1. Giving prisoners a better chance of employment with future career goals from education

1.2. providing education that a lot may have missed out on as an adolescent teaching them to read or write properly

1.3. possibly preventing re-offenders in the future

1.4. occupies inmates, keeping them busy

2. Limiting Words

2.1. Not n easy task, luxury, non essential, Despite

3. Instructing Words

3.1. Despite benefits, should the government allocate further funding towards the higher education of prisoners.

4. Content Words

4.1. Higher education of Prisoners, known benefits,tertiary education, government.

5. Should the government provide further funding?

5.1. yes

5.1.1. lower the percentge of re-offeders

5.1.2. less violence between inmates

5.1.3. provide potential career paths for those that gain an education

5.1.4. will give those that never had a great education to learn the basic maths and literacy skills they require.

5.2. no

5.2.1. considered a luxury expense to those that do not agree

6. cost

6.1. finding out the costs that would be required to keep this education program running

7. Employeers

7.1. possible benefits for those who do employee those with criminal records or on probation periods

7.2. will gaining educational qualifications in prison benefit getting work

7.3. what are the risks involved employing someone with a criminal record

8. Educational Programs

8.1. what programs are available

8.2. Is there a wide varitey of qualifications to obtain and choose from