Parents for Children's Mental Health

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Parents for Children's Mental Health by Mind Map: Parents for Children's Mental Health

1. Mission

1.1. To improve the lives of families living with mental illness

1.2. To help families advocate for and access mental health services that are family oriented and seamlessly delivered

2. The Three Pillars

2.1. Support families with information and compassion

2.2. Educate the public about child and youth mental health disorders

2.3. Empower networking and mobilization of support groups to help raise awareness and advocate for child and youth mental health services

3. Vision

3.1. That every child, youth and family has access to mental wellness and that they be supported and treated with respect

4. Support and services for familes

4.1. 21 Chapters across Ontario offering peer to peer support for parents dealing with mental illness

4.2. Emergency Resource Kits to help parents and doctors be prepared for when an emergency happens.

4.3. Advocacy toolkit: supports families hone their advocacy skills

4.4. Family engagement training for other professionals in the field

4.5. Hosting family resource fairs

4.6. Monthly support group meetings through local chapters

5. Online resources for families

5.1. Downloadable Emergency resource kit

5.2. Downloadable guides to navigating the mental health care system. (E.g. -What To Expect From Community Based Mental Health Resources -What to Expect When Navigating the Child and Youth Mental Health System -Kit to Prepare for Emergency Room Visits/Stays)

5.3. Fact sheets on Mental Illness

5.4. Parent advocacy guides: (E.g. -Working with Your MPP -Dos and Donts of Legislative Letter Writing)

6. Contact

6.1. Parents for Children's Mental Health PO Box 20004 St. Catharines, ON L2M 7W7 (416)220-0742 1-855-254-7264 Email: [email protected]

7. Toronto chapter contact:

7.1. Contact Information C. Patti P. 647-391-0447 E. [email protected]