Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training

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Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training by Mind Map: Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training

1. Vision and Goals:

1.1. Jim Windigo, a respected Ojibway Elder gave us our name. Miziwe Biik is like a body of water where a ripple effect has been created; it is the ability to reach out and make positive change in the lives of the Aboriginal peoples across the Greater Toronto Area.

1.2. committed to assisting all persons of Aboriginal ancestry to attain a better quality of life

1.3. committed to strengthening the community through partnerships that promote equality and self reliance

1.4. provide training and employment opportunities in a supportive environment in which people can affirm their Aboriginal identities

2. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity?

2.1. Aboriginal Urban Youth Skills Program will provide unemployed Aboriginal youth with the necessary skills to explore meaningful employment opportunities.

2.2. Traditional teachings are an integral part of this program

2.3. receives support from Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

3. Services and programs for Ontario students and their families:

3.1. Youth co-op opportunities, re-training opportunities for parents, youth employment opportunities, advancement and training for unemployed,

3.2. bursaries and grants

3.3. Pre-apprenticeship program: carpentry for women

3.4. complete your OSSD with one-to-one student teacher ratio and tutors on site

3.5. Skills link program: ensures that the participants learn leadership, teamwork and communication and other skills that will prepare them for the job market

4. What we do

4.1. promote Aboriginal entrepreneurship

4.2. provide services to Aboriginal people in GTA

4.3. work with employers to secure employment opporunities

4.4. assist in running federal and provincial programs

4.5. liaison between other community services

5. How are services and programs accessed?

5.1. Call, complete an application form, submit a proposal or drop-by to receive information and support