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Kinark Child and Family Services [email protected] by Mind Map: Kinark Child and Family Services

1. Vision:                                          Kinark is committed to a healthy future for Ontario's children and youth  and to   to helping children and youth for complex needs achieve better life outcomes

2. Programs/Services:                                   1.Autism Services                                           2. Forensic Mental Health/Youth Justice                                      3. Family / Group Counselling                                                    4. Parent and Youth Engagement

3. 1.Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) to children who have been diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and who meet the criteria for program eligibility under the Ministry of Children and Youth's guideline.

4. 2. At Syl Apps Youth Centre, Kinark provides court-ordered intensive treatment and support in a secure setting to youth in conflict with the law who have serious mental health issues, children and youth found to be at significant risk of harm to themselves or others

5. 3. A full range of assessment and treatment services including individual, family and group counselling is provided by an inter-disciplinary team of clinicians to children and youth with complex needs and their families.

6. 4. In recognition of providing services in a responsive and respectful manner and in a partnership with the community; families, caregivers and youth work with Kinark to identify and shape how they meet the needs of children and youth with complex needs and their families. This is accomplished through the 1) Parent advisory committee; 2) Local community advisory committees; and 3) Parents for Children's Mental Health Support Chapters

7. Access to Programs/Services:        -Call the Central Intake Number at  1-888-454-6275; depending on the situation the waitlist can be from 1 year to 1 and half years                     -services are covered by OHIP           -no referral required

8. Kinark's Code of Conduct: “Every individual is entitled to be treated with respect and understanding.” Kinark employees, volunteers and students come to work each day wanting to do their very best for their clients. Kinark deals respectfully with clients and colleagues of all cultures, classes, races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and faiths and religions, in a manner that recognizes, affirms and values the worth of individuals, families and communities, and protects and preserves the dignity of each. Kinark will not tolerate workplace discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation or violence of any kind involving staff, clients, volunteers or students.