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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Tools for Understanding

1.1. Nearpod

1.1.1. an interactive presentation program that can be done as a class or individually.


1.2. Khan Academy

1.2.1. Program that provides instructional videos and practice exercises that can be used as lesson supplements or lesson replacements.


1.3. MyScript Calculator

1.3.1. Program that allows users to perform mathematical operations and equations naturally by using their own handwriting.


2. Tools for Remembering

2.1. Quizlet

2.1.1. Program that allows educators and students to create digital flashcards for review and reinforcement of concepts.


2.2. Kahoot It

2.2.1. Allows users to create time quizzes. Great for reviewing material.


3. Tools for Collaboration

3.1. Google Drive

3.1.1. Cloud system that allows documents to be created, shared and simultaneously written on with others.


3.2. Aurasma

3.2.1. Augmented reality app that allows the user to add video to any object.


3.3. Twitter

3.3.1. A social media platform that allows users to connect instantly with information and with others.


4. Tools for Organization

4.1. Canvas

4.1.1. A learning management system that allows students to access assignments, announcements, grades, and much more.


4.2. Remind

4.2.1. Remind allows educators to keep parents and students update on due dates, test dates, and everyday information.


4.3. Evernote

4.3.1. Allows users to take notes, create to-do-lists, and save things online; basically a digital filing cabinet.


5. Tools for Classroom Management

5.1. TED

5.1.1. Provides access to talks over topics ranging from modern values to futuristic technology.


5.2. Class Dojo

5.2.1. Behavior system that allows teachers to build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with parents.