Apps for High School

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Apps for High School by Mind Map: Apps for High School

1. Video Tools

1.1. iMovie - this app makes it easy to splice together shot footage, you can also use it to add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your video you create.

1.2. YouTube - allows you to search for and upload videos. There are endless videos that you can search for any content that you are looking for.

1.3. Splice - enables you to import and arrange clips, each of which can be individually edited.You can add text, transitions, and filters; speed can be adjusted; and there are multiple audio tracks.

2. Tools for Organization

2.1. Google Drive -  contains all the features of Google Drive on your computer, but organizes it in an easy-to-use mobile format. You can share documents with your friends and collaborate on projects; make slideshow presentations; create efficient spreadsheets; and much more.

2.2. 30/30 -  It organizes your day into 30-minute sprints of work time and break time with surprising benefits to your productivity.

2.3. Evernote - focused in particular on note taking—from quick Post-it-style reminders to lengthy research, graphs and presentation material, this exceptionally clean, sleek app is a must-have companion. It also has features that facilitate collaboration.

3. Communication Tools

3.1. Twitter - is a social media app that allows you to send out tweets, messages, or information to an endless amount of people very quick.

3.2. Remind - allows teachers to safely send text messages to parents and students regarding classroom assignments and reminders. The app organizes text messages by subject and allows teachers to send anything from daily affirmations to reminders about deadlines and upcoming projects.

3.3. Class Messenger - two way messenger that strengthens the connection between teachers and parents and allows both parties to communicate about a students potential, progress, strengths, struggles and so forth.

4. Tools for Remembering

4.1. inClass -  This app keeps track of your courses, plus all your homework and project deadlines, sending out nifty little reminders so you don’t forget. You can even take notes on it and share those notes or other files with your classmates.

4.2. Study Blue - top flashcard app with a sleek, user-friendly design that allows you to make personalized flash cards and even share them with classmates.

4.3. AP flashcards - This app has flashcards from a variety of AP tests in one convenient place. There are 2900 pre-made flashcards from various AP exams, including Biology, Statistics, English Language/Literature, Statistics, and Government.