International trasnport

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International trasnport by Mind Map: International trasnport

1. Road transportation

1.1. Tractor-truck

1.1.1. Flexibility in teletransportation speed in delivering

1.1.2. Equipment diversity

1.1.3. High frequency of delivering service

2. Maritme trasnportation

2.1. Tanks

2.1.1. Low spped oftransportation

2.1.2. Merchandise safety

2.1.3. Economic rates

3. Air tranportation

3.1. Airplane

3.1.1. High movement speed

3.1.2. Low unit cost of movement

4. Rail way transportation

4.1. Train

4.1.1. Large mass movement of goods

4.1.2. Low unit cost of movement

4.1.3. Specialized Equipment