Character Exploration and Strategizing

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Character Exploration and Strategizing by Mind Map: Character Exploration and Strategizing

1. 9th Grade - C1 - Character Exploration Class: Class intended for students with disabilities on diploma track

1.1. Topic: Character Development

1.2. Activities: peer medication, teacher-created materials and transition curriculum

1.3. Class Goal: improve character, critical thinking skills, literacy, and numeracy

1.4. Skills Learned : Outcomes conflict resolution skills; self-esteem; positive attitude towards postsecondary acitivittes

1.5. Objective 1: Define good self-esteem and the attributes that contribute to good self-esteem

1.5.1. Objective 2: develop strategies to promote better self-esteem Objective 3: list conflict resolution techniques Objective 4: comprehend the effects on a positive attitute

1.6. Note on Objectives: each objective is broken down into 4 tiers (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Mastery) I have only included the primary objective in this mindmap

1.7. Assessments:

1.7.1. Bi-weekly assessments; research assessment, matching test OR a multiple choice test Final essay assessment that summarizes what student learned throughout the course Final Capstone Project for each Character Exploration class: for this 9th grade class:

1.8. CCTC 8: . Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Career-ready individuals readily recognize problems in the workplace, understand the nature of the problem, and devise effective plans to solve the problem. They are aware of problems when they occur and take action quickly to address the problem. They thoughtfully investigate the root cause of the problem prior to introducing solutions. They carefully consider the options to solve the problem. Once a solution is agreed upon, they follow through to ensure the problem is solved, whether through their own actions or the actions of others.