Mobile Apps Mind Map

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Mobile Apps Mind Map by Mind Map: Mobile Apps Mind Map

1. Fine Motor Apps

1.1. ABC Learn and Trace Letters

1.1.1. This app works on identifying the letters and then tracing them individually.

1.2. Trace It, Try It

1.2.1. This app is simple and repetitive. A child will trace the selected letter and then will try to write it independently.

1.3. Etch a Sketch HD

1.3.1. This app works any type of writing or drawing. It leaves it to the imagination of the creator.

1.4. Writing Wizard

1.4.1. This app allows the user to select the writing mediums. It also has great sound effects!

2. Cognitive Apps

2.1. Shape Builder

2.1.1. The app has the user use and identify different shapes in order to create one larger picture.

2.2. Tiny Play Box

2.2.1. This app works on problem solving, memory, speeding up processing time and matching.

2.3. AlphaTots Alphabet

2.3.1. This app is loaded! It focuses on the alphabet, phonics and action verbs instead of nounds.

2.4. Animatch

2.4.1. This app is a form of memory while identifying the animal pictured. It also works on the concept of part to whole.

3. Teacher Resource Apps

3.1. Google Drive

3.1.1. This app is used as a gigantic, endless storage device so that you can access your materials from any electronic device.

3.2. Google Calendar

3.2.1. This app is used to keep a teacher organized and can overlap numerous schedules to assist with planning meetings and coordinating a group of people's schedules.

3.3. Remind

3.3.1. This app is used to send reminders to parents. the great thing about this app is your number is not displayed.

3.4. Pinterest

3.4.1. This app is used to create different folders of interest for ideas of different units of study.