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1. Concept

1.1. There is no goal, no sense in a life by default. Only you can design it for yourself on your own.

1.2. Life is temporary phenomenon. We know nothing about what's next. During whole life you discover nothing but your life, that's why you feel like your life is infinity. and no one can convince you the opposite.

1.3. You can choose what you feel during this experience. Enjoyism chooses enjoyment. We believe that Heaven and Hell that other religions talking about is not about after-you-die, it happens during you life

1.4. Enjoyment must be pleasant from two points: during the process and have benefits in the future, and don't make anyone suffer.

1.5. You can't enjoy 24/7, but you can enjoy much more than used to.

1.6. To change the ratio, you must be aware to watch what is happening with you emotions and thought

1.7. Making another person enjoyed, enjoy by yourself

2. Church

2.1. Every place, created to someone's enjoy is temple of the Enjoyism

3. Practices

3.1. Meditation

3.2. Rubber band

3.3. Have a rating of practices

4. The goal of the first stage is disturbing information and finding distributors

4.1. Ask artist to create something about, we will advertise it

4.2. Donate for promotion