Convergence´s Fundamental Question By: Laura Paz

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Convergence´s Fundamental Question By: Laura Paz by Mind Map: Convergence´s Fundamental Question By: Laura Paz


1.1. Editorial managers and publishers

1.1.1. Journalist have to produce more content for less amount of money and make business model attractive.

1.2. Journalist's

1.2.1. More and better tools for more and better news

1.3. Andrew Nachison (The media center at American Press Institute in Reston, Virginia director)

1.3.1. Editors of newspapers also see their own product as a business tool

1.4. Business model

1.4.1. Amalgam of competition and co-operation where co-workers work together as  competition. ‘The others with whom you may wish to co-operate could include businesses with which you com- pete on other fronts’’ (Keichel, 2001).


2.1. Many parts of the world

2.1.1. A reporter specialized on specific topic to the point that his expertise be evident.

2.2. U.S.A.

2.2.1. The win-win theory. Reporters and journalist must help each other to brig to T.V. something deep and major stories

2.3. Rich Gordon of Northwestern University

2.3.1. Five forms of convergence: 1. Ownership: print and television can share content if they represent the same brand. (lower cost) 2. Tactical: different mass media can share information and they can be from different owner. 3. Structural: reorganize positions of the newsroom. 4. Information-gathering: multi-skilled reporters needed. 5. Storytelling: adaptation of reporters to new device (technology evolution)

2.4. Author

2.4.1. Convergence is work as a team, managers with reporters and editors, picking stories and the best way to tell it.


3.1. Possible furture

3.1.1. New habits of the news public,  where journalist's must go. Technology advances allow's convergence be.

3.2. Barriers

3.2.1. "when the organization has different owners, other leadership priorities, multiple managers, inflexible or dis- similar cultures, disparate locations and the presence of unions." James Gentry


4.1. Evolution

4.1.1. The companies are under the pressure to offer multi-media content that forces an attitude chance from the journalist's and the presentation of content for different platforms.

4.2. Key Factors

4.2.1. "News organizations need a way to flow information and content through the orga- nization in such a way as to make content available for multiple platforms." Quinn, S. (2005)