Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 by Mind Map: Chapter 4

1. 3-D drawing and rendering

1.1. -Features of a 3-D application

1.2. -3-D animation tools

1.3. Panoramas

2. Capturing and editing images

2.1. Capturing and storing images directly from the screen is another way to assemble image for multimedia

3. Vector-drawn graphics

3.1. Idea 1

3.1.1. Application of vector-drawn object -How vector-drawn image works -Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

4. Colors and palettes in multimedia

4.1. Additive color

4.2. Subtractive color

4.3. Color models

5. Bitmaps

5.1. Is derived from the words “bits” which means the simplest element in digital world.