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1. Brand

1.1. use logo, tagline, background and product image to create...

1.1.1. Social Media Covers Facebook Fanpage pic cover Twitter Youtube

1.1.2. Product Ads Facebook Ad Blog banner ad Flyer

1.1.3. etc Flyers Business cards ebook and more!

2. Brainstorm

2.1. brand

2.1.1. name pick a name

2.1.2. tagline pick a tagline

3. Build

3.1. logos (brand and product)

3.1.1. combo use one of the logo groups add top, left, right logo

3.1.2. other logo formats letter HBO ABC emblem Starbucks brand mark Nike wordmark youzign color

3.1.3. steps create a new custom size design select logo layout and ungroup enter brand name pick an icon look in vector library look in iconfinder look in icons8 pick a matching font pick a matching brand color group logo and save group

3.2. tagline

3.2.1. pick text block template

3.2.2. add tagline

3.2.3. save as a group

3.3. background

3.3.1. find a background types landscape textures plain color people

3.3.2. save to library

3.4. product image

3.4.1. physical product take a picture remove background save to library

3.4.2. digital products 3d book cover screenshot save to library

3.4.3. mascot people photo take a picture remove background save to library mascot photo draw or purchase save to library