Accesible sailing school catamaran with Nacra feel

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Accesible sailing school catamaran with Nacra feel by Mind Map: Accesible sailing school catamaran with Nacra feel

1. What makes a catamaran attractive for sailing schools and resorts, and what experience do their customers need?

1.1. questions

1.1.1. Where are the customers? personal interview sales interview sailing association forum sailing schools Vinea/beachclub/testcenter resorts linkje via sales? rentals test center Dealers belgium america Lone cowboys

1.1.2. What is Nacra? site

1.1.3. What is a Nacra leasure boat? What makes it old?

1.1.4. How does the design process of Nacra work (Wouter interview 1.) Peter visie planning bemachtigen

1.1.5. Team meetings?

1.1.6. What are the Nacra leasure ideas big platform in lunch room

1.1.7. What is experience? desk research

1.1.8. What do competitors do?

1.2. Cat users

1.2.1. Resort catamaran users are attracted through "freedom" "tropical" "admire coast" "feel the wind in your sails" target groups family couples all inclusive 800,- all inclusive luxury Brands: Club med sandals A.. "sunset sailing" O: cristal clear waters O: branded sails and hulls online beperkt aanbod, via reisbureau proberen./campinggids

1.2.2. traveling sailors In my youth I’d enjoyed sailing Kat Baloo fast, often flying a hull while hanging off her trapeze. But as I grew older, I began to see that my sleek Kat might have other virtues as well— specifically, I imagined she might serve as a live-aboard over-nighter, a queen-size bed on water skis! - Sail-camping on a Hobie 16

1.3. association sailors

1.3.1. "onthaasten" - Catamaranzeilen, is het iets voor mij?

1.3.2. "scheuren"

1.3.3. "sportief"

1.3.4. "even snel een uurtje zeilen gaat niet lukken"

1.3.5. 400 per jaar lidmaatschap

1.3.6. verenigingen in de buurt hkzv Zeehelden Kzvs sailingcenter107 125 lidmaatschap

1.3.7. kan meezeilen

1.4. tools

1.4.1. going to sailing associations

1.4.2. subscribing to magazines

1.4.3. try to buy a boat

1.4.4. buy, build, rig, sail, derig,

1.4.5. langsgaan bij robert spangers, scheveningen: 0641510867 Wouter, wassenaar: 0641554949 Jeroen, de eilander texel, 0620634413 sailtoday muiderzand sail4u belgie, Ernest/stephane, 0332495404546. liever Ernest Nicolaas, Veerse dam, 0614889113

1.4.6. naar bnr watersports

1.4.7. customer group opzetten binnen vereniging

1.4.8. dealers bekijken mulder

1.5. competition

1.5.1. rotomold topper topaz 14 16 Laser dart rs cat 14 16

1.5.2. grp topcat hobiecat 16 goodall

1.5.3. inflatable happy Cat minicat

2. What parameters describe the experience a sailor has on a Nacra catamaran in general?

2.1. What makes a boat accesible

2.1.1. A Look at Wave-piercing Bows on Multihulls

2.1.2. safety to some extent Catamaran Sailing Fails 1

2.2. what is product experience in the context of a catamaran.

2.3. specialised yacht making is very difficult and not easy to comprehend(van oossanen,1988)conclusie

2.4. non physical parameters!

3. How can we measure the determining experience parameters?

3.1. sheet power

3.2. number of tacks

3.3. time to tack

3.4. errors

3.5. Heel

3.6. Njord, sailmon?

4. How can we influence the determined experience parameters?

4.1. cat hull design reference Catamaran Design Formulas – CatamaranSite


5. What parameters are needed to create the ideal experience for the intended target group?

6. How can Nacra implement this set of parameters in their new catamaran?

7. Idea's

7.1. printed sails for resorts

7.1.1. use as fashion article Problem: boats look old, technology push from printers

7.2. trials at sailing schools

7.2.1. Problem: to little sailing schools use Nacra's

7.3. Bench

7.3.1. Problem: Nacra's need to be usable for families or less athletic users. american market, mostly long distance racing

7.4. using Nacra's brand as a vessel

7.4.1. without undermining its quality

7.5. adjustable rudder pressure

7.5.1. Problem: tradeoff between rotation point far forwards and steering stiffness

7.6. Sail wearout indicator

7.6.1. Problem: sails get used for to long to be effective. switching sails would bring revenue in.

7.7. Keep sailors that stop sailing olympic, in sailing

7.8. opbouw versnellen Topcat K2 Aufbau in 100 Sekunden (Gopro Zeitraffer)

7.9. boom tent

7.9.1. long distance sailing 2.0

7.10. sealed mast

7.11. eigen design nieuwe huisstyle nacra

7.12. setup guides on the sail

7.13. bottom up approach

7.14. righting bag

7.15. experience selection tool

7.16. HPS skeg, that without leaves room for daggerboards.

7.17. 2020 Ocean Surf with Quick Lock 2

7.18. less visual noise

7.19. Macan or Uros Porsche Macan Outsold The 911 By Three-To-One Margin In 2017

7.20. Clean hulls: Flax Balsa - Technology - Starboard Windsurfing

7.21. wind vane front boat

7.22. How Its Made - 1291 Racing Catamarans

7.23. from joseph bennet: time to rig largely dependent on trampoline time. jib difficult on water, settings are a need to know. esspecially when not done often.

8. approach

8.1. Data informed

8.1.1. informed by data to make decisions on the boat. research experience descriptive models data informed design sailing world stuk over beleving ac75 investigate internally management sales production current products investigate externally dealers private owners Rentals sailing schools resorts competitors

8.2. Why? design for experience/emotion

8.2.1. vip future case, what if Nacra has a good leisure line?

8.2.2. reason from customer research. are they not happy, or is the build quality bad. Does the company not know why the product fails? why does the 500 need to be replaced.

9. Experience is:

9.1. emotion

10. Why the leisure line?

10.1. oud

10.2. old mold

10.3. new design

10.4. branding diversity

10.4.1. Three Reasons Not To Diversify Your Brand | Branding Strategy Insider

10.4.2. 3 Essentials for a Successful Brand Diversification Strategy

11. verslag to do

11.1. Bijwoorden die niet te subjectieve weglaten Fase model, geen design