My Cultural Identity  Belinda Hamilton

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My Cultural Identity  Belinda Hamilton by Mind Map: My Cultural Identity  Belinda Hamilton

1. Family

1.1. Trust

1.2. Accomodating

1.3. Helping hand

1.4. Commitment

1.5. Honesty

1.6. Emotional

2. Health

2.1. Builds inner strength

2.2. Diet and Fitness is important

2.3. Knowledge about health issues

2.4. Treat others how you would like to be treated

2.5. If you don't have your health, Life goes on hold

2.6. Learn about yourself

3. Life Experiences

3.1. Travel

3.2. Lived in different States, towns of Australia

3.3. Diversity of different Commuinties

3.4. Communication

3.5. Adaptation

3.6. Growth of ones self and satisfaction

4. Education

4.1. On going learning and knowledge

4.2. Dedication and Satisfaction of my Title

4.3. Ongoing Critical Reflection

4.4. Experience in different fields of the workforce

4.5. Meeting people

4.6. New Opportunities