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Data layout by Mind Map: Data layout

1. Untitled

2. Logical layout

2.1. similarities with DB

2.1.1. Untitled

2.2. differences with DB

2.2.1. flexible schema index / mappings are auto created when a doc is created Untitled existing mappings will be auto extended when possible Untitled

2.2.2. enriched field / data types data fields Core types Complex types Other types Meta fields Control how to store/search docs Identify docs Add new properties Control the shard where docs are routed to Multi-fields Indexing same data multi times with diff configs Untitled

3. Physical layout

3.1. node, shard, replica

3.1.1. Untitled

3.2. a shard is a lucene index

3.2.1. Untitled

3.3. distributed index process

3.3.1. Untitled

3.4. distributed search process

3.4.1. Untitled