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Feedbacks by Mind Map: Feedbacks

1. Untitled

1.1. search completion

1.1.1. implement shingle-two autocomplete search terms aggregation def analyzer def mappings def queries completion suggester benefits drawbacks internal structure processes

1.1.2. drawbacks heavy aggregation over large text fields tax search engine by default this method returns completion suggestions ordered from most commonly occurring to least commonly occurring

1.1.3. challenges users expect search completions to return shortly after beginning typing highly relevant

1.2. corrections

1.2.1. post search suggestion mapping requires a field specifically set for suggestion def a mapping Untitled pull back suggestions Untitled retrieve post-search suggestions in the context of a user's search collation Untitled returned suggestions Untitled

1.3. highlight

1.3.1. basic highlighter must reanalyze documents in order to find the location of the matching terms within the document minuscule for small docs performance hit for large docs

1.3.2. postings / fast vector highlighter benefits avoid query-time processing drawbacks increased index size posting highlighter for natural language text fast vector highlighter can highlight matching terms independently

1.3.3. sample queries Untitled partial results Untitled

1.4. faceted search

1.4.1. query Untitled

1.4.2. result Untitled