Information Architecture

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Information Architecture by Mind Map: Information Architecture

1. Homepage

1.1. Content space

1.1.1. Slider Slider item Title Excerpt Wide-screen picture Link to internal page Slider navigation Previous item Next item Item selection by position

2. Shared layout

2.1. Secondary top menu

2.1.1. Link to Jobs

2.1.2. Link to About us

2.1.3. Link to Personal account

2.2. Main top menu

2.2.1. Link to Homepage

2.2.2. Link to News index

2.2.3. Link to Shop

2.3. Content space

2.4. Footer menu

2.4.1. Dogstudio credit Dogstudio logo Link to Dogstudio website

2.4.2. Partners list Partner Name Logo Link to website

3. News index

4. Shop

5. About us

6. Jobs

7. Personal account