Game QA checklist

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Game QA checklist by Mind Map: Game QA checklist

1. Visuals

1.1. Introduction Screen

1.1.1. Studio animation (5 seconds)

1.1.2. Skip studio animation button Neutral Mouse over

1.2. Title Screen

1.2.1. Enter / Exit screen transition animation

1.2.2. Game Logo graphics

1.2.3. Start Game Button / Options Button / Credits Button / Quit Game Button Neutral Mouse over Hit & animation

1.2.4. Copyright Statement

1.2.5. Background Graphics

1.3. Credits Screen

1.3.1. Enter / Exit screen transition animation

1.3.2. Names and roles display

1.3.3. Source credit display

1.3.4. Back button neutral mouse over hit & animation

1.3.5. background graphics

1.4. Gameplay Screen

1.4.1. Non-diegetic UI HP/Skill/MP bar/icons bar / Icons Feedback animation Switch skill icons Score display Money/Credits/Currency display & icon Collectables Display and/or Icon Obtain feedback animation

1.4.2. Spatial UI Damage number display & animation Character Enemy Character emotion icons

1.5. In Game

1.5.1. General Character asset state(s) & animation(s) Special effects Invincibility animation Collectables

1.5.2. Levels General asset(s) Special effects Graphics Non-diegetic UI Level One / Tutorial Level Levels 2 & 3

1.6. Pause screen UI

1.6.1. darken screen

1.6.2. pause caption

1.6.3. instructions to unpause

1.7. Game Over / Victory Screen

1.7.1. General Screen transition animation Enter Exit Background Graphics

1.7.2. Buttons State and/or animations General victory

1.7.3. Captions Victory Game Over

1.7.4. Victory Screen Only Score display Collectables display and icon

2. Sound

2.1. BGM

2.1.1. Title screen

2.1.2. Credits screen

2.1.3. Levels 1-3

2.1.4. Game Over screen (single loop)

2.1.5. Victory Screen

2.2. Sound Effects

2.2.1. Buttons Mouse over and/or hit Title Screen Credits Screen Options Screen Game Over / Victory Screen

2.2.2. General Character Attack attack hits enemy(s) Pickup Collectables Heals

2.2.3. Levels 1-3 Enemy attack attack(s) hit character

3. Usability

3.1. Introduction Screen

3.1.1. Logo contrast well with background

3.2. Title screen

3.2.1. Logo Contrasts well with background position at point of focus (Rule of thirds) Size at least 1/4 of screen

3.2.2. Buttons clearly visible

3.3. Credits

3.3.1. Back Button Clearly visible placed at Bottom right/left of screen

3.4. Gameplay

3.4.1. Contrasts well with background HP/MP/Skill bars/icons Switch skill icons Score display Money/credits/currency collectables damage number

3.4.2. Sizes HP/MP/Skill bar Height 1/5 of screen Width 1/3 of screen

3.4.3. UI Layout Golden ratio / rule of thirds consideration to user reading order

3.5. In Game

3.5.1. General Character centralised in the middle column positioned in the lower line in rules of third Invincibility lasts 3 seconds Sufficient space for players to see enemies or obstacles from either side

3.5.2. Levels General 2 types of font or less position of instructions are eye catching and do not obstruct gameplay Objective instructions contrasts well from all background types Contrasts well with all background types Level One / Tutorial Level Level 2 &3

3.6. Pause screen

3.6.1. Clearly Visible and contrasts well from background Pause caption instructions

3.6.2. Pause caption Size is 1/6 of screen positioned at point of focus (rule of thirds)

3.7. Game Over / Victory screen

3.7.1. General Clearly visible buttons Caption (Victory/Game Over) Contrasts well from background positioned at point of focus (rule of thirds) size is 1/5 of screen

3.7.2. Victory Screen only Contrasts well from background Score display Collectables display & icon

4. Functionality

4.1. Introduction Screen

4.1.1. Skip studio animation button

4.2. Title Screen

4.2.1. Start Game button

4.2.2. Options Button

4.2.3. Credits Button

4.2.4. Quit game button

4.3. Credits Screen

4.3.1. Back Button

4.4. Gameplay Screen

4.4.1. HP/MP/Skill bar/Icon will increase/decrease with gameplay

4.4.2. Skill Icons can be switched or toggled

4.4.3. Score display updates with gameplay

4.4.4. Money/credits/currency display updates with gameplay

4.4.5. Collectables display updates with gameplay

4.5. In Game

4.5.1. General Character HP decreases according to damage figure when hit/fall/event Movement and actions correspond to correct key presses

4.5.2. Level One/ Tutorial Level to Level 3 Background Layer 1 & 2 scrolling Gameplay level Platform scrolling Ground Scrolling Enemy A.I. Movement Attack Action

4.6. Pause Screen

4.6.1. Unpause key/button

4.7. Game Over Screen

4.7.1. Restart level button

4.7.2. Back to title button

4.8. Victory Screen

4.8.1. Back to title button

4.8.2. Restart Level

5. Design

5.1. In Game

5.1.1. General Level 1-3 Layouts Placements Progressive Difficulty Placement Balance Introduction to new/extended mechanics Theme Consistency