Steps to improve Speciality Ingredients

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Steps to improve Speciality Ingredients by Mind Map: Steps to improve Speciality Ingredients

1. Develop Human Capital

1.1. Address Actor-observer bias and fundamental attribution error

1.1.1. Change situations, not people.

1.1.2. Extend mentoring and training

1.2. Minimize stereotyping and implicit biases

1.2.1. Define a objective assessment criteria

1.2.2. Make assessments more concrete

2. Build Trust

2.1. Be Honest and transparent

2.1.1. Use bulletin walls and quarterly town halls

2.1.2. Focus on intrinsic interests while remaining honest

2.2. Exude power and status to build trust

2.2.1. Use power to normalize a behavior of trust and optimism

2.2.2. Resolve conflicts without drawing unwarranted attention

3. Accountability

3.1. Empower people

3.1.1. Use town hall meetings to communicate a common, core message

3.2. Give people more autonomy and flexibility

3.2.1. Get employees involved in decision making

3.2.2. Use a corporate wiki or community portal to give employees access to decision making content

4. Collaborate

4.1. Minimize conformity

4.1.1. Facilitate group discussions

4.1.2. Anonymous feedback choices

4.2. Construct the right perceptions

4.2.1. Use an online forum or newsletter to document discussions on topics

4.2.2. Improve the overall flow of communications

5. Motivate instrinsically

5.1. Provide meaningful rewards such as appreciation cards

5.2. Encourage informal gatherings

6. Leadership

6.1. Change performance appraisals to avoid schemas and scripts

6.1.1. Performance appraisals should be based on objective, empirical data

6.2. Encourage egalitariasm

6.2.1. Have get-togethers, town halls, team lunches