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1. #5 GRAPHICS: Select good illustrations and graphics. Every image must have a reason. Clip art gets old. Animated gifs are distractive. Use bar graphs or pie charts instead of tables of data.

2. #1 FONTS: Use at least a 32 point font ,48 point font is better. Don't use ALL CAPS it's difficult to read. Avoid text overload.

3. #2 BULLETS: No more than 6 bullets per slide. No more than 6-7 words per bullet. Don't use periods(.) at the end of bullets. Capitalize the first word in a bullet no others. A presentation is not a book.

4. #3 COLORS: Use dark font on light background ( best on printed slides). Use light font on dark background (best on darkened rooms).

5. #4 BALANCE: Don't put the graphics on the center. Make room for text. Better balance. Placing graphic on left leads your eye to the text.

6. #6 10-20-30: No more than 10 slides. Presentation should not last more than 20 minutes. Font size should be no smaller than 30 points.