TRAVEL - a Qur'anic invitation

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TRAVEL - a Qur'anic invitation by Mind Map: TRAVEL - a Qur'anic invitation

1. History

1.1. purposes of travel and most significant routes in the premodern era

1.2. Islamic history

1.2.1. purposes of travel and most significant routes that Muslims of the premodern era undertook

1.2.2. Hijra of the Prophet saws to Madina

1.2.3. how did Andalus and Middle East connect?

1.3. the modern inventions and changes in the travel?

2. Arabic language

2.1. analysis of verbs used in the Qur'an in relation to travel and actions that travel is supposed to motivate (eg. travel+see, travel+reason +hear)

3. Geography

3.1. study of lands with significance to Islam and Islamic history

3.2. the Muslim world

4. Social Studies

4.1. traveling reveals different cultures and traditions

4.2. the impact of travel on one's self perception

4.3. the entire land belonging to Allah - nationalism?

4.4. refuges as travelers?

4.5. Hajj as spiritual and social trip

5. Qur'an

5.1. Surah Al-Imran, 137 (traveling to comprehend the Truth, learn lessons and see the signs)

6. Islamic studies

6.1. Hadith

6.1.1. Prophet's recommendations about not traveling at night and appointing a leader while traveling

6.2. Fiqh

6.2.1. The rulings that scholars drew out from the ayaat and ahadith: shortening the prayer, woman traveling alone, the concept of mahram etc

6.3. Akhlaq

6.3.1. The ettiqutes of traveling (Riyad Al Salihin), how to treat the traveler if you are local (the right of sadaqah), welcoming and feeding the guest