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TEXT by Mind Map: TEXT

1. Important of text in a multimedia presentation

1.1. 1)Form of symbols, words,sentences, and paragraphs.              2)Vital elements of multimedia menus, navigation systems and content.

2. Understanding Fonts and Typefaces

2.1. 1)Font :- Collection of characters of a single size and style to a particular typeface family. EG: Arial 18 point Bold 2)Typeface :- Family of graphic characters with many type sizes and style. EG: Bookman Old Style                        3)Fonts and typefaces includes the following:              1.Font styles :~Boldface                                                                              ~Italic                                                                                    ~Underlining                                                                        ~Outlining                                                     2.Font terminology :~Baseline                                                                               ~Cap height                                                                           ~X-height                                                                             ~Ascenders/descenders                                                       ~Kerning                                                                               ~Tracking                                                                           ~Serif(-Decoration at the end of a                                             letter stroke.-used printed media                                         or documents a large quantities                                           of text.) versus Sans serif(-Do not have                                             decoration at the end of a letter                                            stroke. -Used headlines and bold                                          statements.)                                            3.Cases

3. Text Elements in a Multimedia Presentation

3.1. 1)Menus for navigation 2)Interactive buttons 3)Fields for reading 4) HTML documents 5)Symbols and icons

4. Bitmap VS Vector

4.1. BITMAP 1)Images captured 2)Bitmaps font a matrix of pixels representing the image. -File sizes increases as more sizes are added -Require a lot of memory -Non-scalable                     VECTOR 1)Drawing use instructions and mathematical formulae  2)Draw any size by scaling the vector drawing primitives mathematically. -File size is much smaller than bitmaps

5. Character sets

5.1. 1) Computers can only understand numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical.                    2) Extended character set (ISO Latin-1)  3)Unicode-Multilingual text and character encoding              4)Font Mapping

6. Font Editing and Design Tools

6.1. 1) FontLab,Ltd 2)Creating attractive texts 3)Fontographer

7. Hypertext VS Hypermedia

7.1. 1)HYPERTEXT -Contains links to other texts  -The subset of hypermedia  2)HYPERMEDIA -Not constrained to be text-based -Include other media -EG: Graphics,images, sound and video     3)Both system enables the user to navigate through text in a nonlinear way. 4)Hypermedia structures                             -Links(connections between conceptual elements)                                                      -Nodes(content elements)                        -Anchors(reference from one document to another document,image sound or file on the web)