Empowerment Technologies

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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. Microsoft Excel

1.1. Workbook

1.2. Cells

1.3. Rows and Columns

2. Microsoft Word

2.1. Organize christmas office party

2.2. Task #2

2.3. Task #3

3. Effective PowerPoint Presentation

3.1. Presentation Rules

3.1.1. Fonts Use at least a 32 point font 48 point font is better Don’t use ALL CAPS its difficult to read Avoid Text Overload

3.1.2. Bullets No more than 6 bullets per slide No more than 6-7 words per bullet Don’t use periods(.) at the end of bullets Capitalize the first word in a bullet but no others

3.1.3. Colors Dark font on a light background best for printed slides White or light font on a dark background best for darkened rooms

3.1.4. Balance Don't center graphics Place graphics off center Placing graphic on left leads your eye to the tex

3.1.5. Graphics Select good illustrations and graphics Every image has a reason Clip art gets old

3.1.6. 10-20-30 No more than 10 slides Presentation should not last more than  20 minutes Font size should be no smaller than 30 points

4. Netiquette, Cybercitezenship & Internet Research

4.1. Cybercitezenship

4.1.1. Social Network Creating an Account Choosing a Password Personalizing Your Profile Know What to Share Sending a Friend Request Be Safe When Sending a Request Be Vigilant

4.2. Internet Research

4.2.1. What is Research? Systematic Identify a Problem Formulate a Hypothesis Start with your Related Literature Synthesize and State your Conclusion


5.1. Order picture frames

5.2. Task #2

5.3. Task #3

6. Mind Mapping

6.1. Fundamentals

6.1.1. What is a mind map?

6.1.2. History of mind maps

6.1.3. How to draw and read mind maps

6.1.4. Benefits of mind mapping Helps you focus Enhances memory Let's you structure your thoughts Provides a great overview of the topic

6.1.5. Uses of Mind Mapping Brainstorming Summarizing Note-taking Presentations

6.2. MindMeister Feautures

6.2.1. Creating an Account

6.2.2. Create your First Mindmap

6.2.3. Selecting a Theme and Customizing Elements

6.2.4. Adding notes, links, images and files

6.2.5. Sharing and Collaboration

7. Current State of ICT, Gartner's ICT Trend

7.1. Current State of ICT

7.1.1. Impact of ICT on... Society Education Communication Scientific Exploration Military Economy Recreation Transportation Knowledge Management Information Institution User communities

7.2. Gartner's ICT Trend

7.2.1. Who is Gartner?

7.2.2. Rise of Information Capitalism

7.2.3. A View of the Information Society Bussiness Dematerialization Media Education Social Relationships Medicine

8. Common Computer Problems and Trouble Shooting

8.1. Computer Security Risk

8.2. Cybercrime

8.3. Beware of the Intruders

8.3.1. Hackers

8.3.2. Cracker

8.3.3. Script Kiddie

8.3.4. Corporate Spies

8.3.5. Cyber Extortionist

8.3.6. Cyber Terrorist

8.4. Internet and Network Attacks

8.4.1. Virus

8.4.2. Worm

8.4.3. Trojan Horse

8.5. Protect Yourself

8.6. Hardware Theft and Vandalism