Dmm Chapter 4:Image

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Dmm Chapter 4:Image by Mind Map: Dmm Chapter 4:Image

1. Making Still Images

1.1. Bitmaps (raster)

1.2. Vector-drawn graphics

2. Vector-drawn graphics

2.1. Applications of vector-drawn object

2.2. How vector-drawn images work

2.3. Vector-drawn images versus bitmaps

3. How vector-drawn images work

3.1. A vector is a line that is described by the location of its two endpoints.

3.2. Vector drawing makes use of Cartesian coordinates.

3.3. Cartesian coordinates are numbers that describe a point in two- or three-dimensional space as the intersection of the X, Y, and Z axes.

4. 3-D animation, drawing, and rendering tools include:

4.1. Daz3D

4.2. Form*Z

4.3. NewTek′s Lightwave

4.4. Autodesk’s Maya

4.5. Trimble’s SketchUp

5. natural light and color (continued)

5.1. Additive color

5.2. Subtractive color

5.3. Color models

6. Types Used in Multimedia

6.1. Macintosh formats

6.2. Windows formats

6.3. Cross-platform formats