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Indigenous History Guide App by Mind Map: Indigenous History Guide App

1. Problem

1.1. definitions

1.1.1. traditional info is not being communicated

1.1.2. misinformation

1.1.3. lack of clarity on histories

1.1.4. The traditional people aren't being benefited (Directly)

1.1.5. socio-economic issues Indigenous community

1.1.6. lack of modern interactive technologies in NT tourism market

1.1.7. lack of ethical tourism market in the NT

1.1.8. no interactive, Darwin region specific tourism apps

1.2. symptoms

1.2.1. international/interstate visitors lack of awareness of local Indigenous contexts of the region

1.2.2. third party delivery of Indigenous information loss of direct history

1.3. causes

1.3.1. too much Government control

1.3.2. poor history curriculums in "early years" education

1.3.3. poor government investment in new technologies

1.3.4. lack of economic diversity in NT market/economy

1.3.5. lack of ethical based tourism in NT

1.4. solutions

1.4.1. Simple design/language

1.4.2. Indigenous governance

1.4.3. easy access to the information/ digestable, user friendly

1.4.4. client/customer review/info update process for locations

1.4.5. market differentiation through social responsibility policies

1.4.6. respecting/adhering to Indigenous cultural protocols respecting the information i.e. Intellectual Property of info

1.4.7. google site rating (app appears on google search)

1.4.8. app in addition to providing content, refers user to further resources at Library etc

2. Impact

3. Who's Involved?