Madison Thomas

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Madison Thomas by Mind Map: Madison Thomas

1. Movies?

1.1. Transformers

1.2. The Green Mile

1.3. Of Mice And Men

2. Sports?

2.1. I've played softball for a couple years now this is my first year i haven't played ball.

3. Music?

3.1. I love a lot of music because i am very enriched in the music culture.

3.1.1. Eagles

3.1.2. Disturbed

3.1.3. Micheal buble

3.1.4. Phil Collins

4. Television?

4.1. I don't really watch alot of tv butttttt...

4.1.1. Americas Got Talent

4.1.2. The The Voice

5. Favorite thing about school

5.1. M favorite thing about school pajama day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Random!

6.1. my favorite color is turquoise

6.2. my favorite flower is a Hybiscus

6.3. i cant read music so i play guitar and piano by ear

6.4. i freaking love macaroni and cheese andddddddddd chocolate milk.