Indefinite articles

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Indefinite articles by Mind Map: Indefinite articles

1. Applications for "a"

1.1. He's a doctor

1.2. I'm going to study in an university next year

1.3. I saw a bear in the zoo

1.4. There are a hundred students in the school

2. Applications for "an"

2.1. He is an excellent teacher

2.2. I live in an apartment

2.3. I'll be back in an hour

2.4. I want an orange

3. Meaning and uses for "a" and "an"

3.1. Meaning: The meaning of "a" or "an" is the same and we can use it to indicate something or someone oddly. It is translated in spanish as "un" or "una".

3.2. We can use "a" when it is followed by a word that starts with a consonant

3.3. We can use "an" when it is followed by a word that starts with a vowel.

3.4. We can use them to talk about a main idea of something

3.5. We can use "a" and "an" instead of the number one (1).

4. Exceptions

4.1. We use "a" before the words that starts with "e" or "eu"when they are pronounced through the particulary sound "yu" in spanish.

4.2. "An" is usually used when it's followed by a word which starts with "h", but these statements appy in cases that "h" is not pronounced.

4.3. We can use them with names of jobs