Impact of Art on the Disabled

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Impact of Art on the Disabled by Mind Map: Impact of Art on the Disabled

1. "art therapy"

1.1. Helps w/ expression

1.1.1. thoughts & feelings

1.1.2. communication

1.2. Enhance Self-esteem/Confidence?

1.3. Involves trained clinicians

1.4. Approaches are adjusted based on clients needs, goals, and choices

1.4.1. Could the opportunity of choice affect/help them  -because they've been subjected to limitations their whole life?

2. Developmental Dissabilities

2.1. said to improve communication

2.2. Chance to gain some freedom and their own voice

3. What are the effects on the physically disabled?

3.1. Does it only help mentality?

3.2. Just a way to pass time during recovery?

4. Does "art therapy" actually work?

5. Just a new hobby/way to spend time or actually proven to be helpful?

6. How can an increase in self-expression effect people?

6.1. How can boosts in self-esteem and self-worth positively affect people with disabilities?

7. Different groups/programs for this specifically

7.1. Builds community

7.1.1. Is community what is helping/impacting the disabled or is it actually the "art therapy"? Combo of both?

8. Identity formation

8.1. Normalization

8.1.1. -"acceptance and achievement of the norms of the larger society, with or without acceptance of disability stigma"

8.2. Affirmation

9. Adults vs Children

9.1. Different effects?

9.2. Different treatments/therapy methods?