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ELL Programs by Mind Map: ELL Programs

1. Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE)

1.1. Summary: An approach to ELL instruction that focuses on the simultaneous acquisition of language along with some other content area, e.g. history. It's targeted towards intermediate-to-advanced English students.

1.1.1. Objectives: -Promote linguistic comprehension using a variety of interactive and engaging techniques, with less focus on the more mundane aspects language like grammar and spelling. -Teach content subjects concurrently with English to address the deficiencies of traditional ESL programs toward other core curricula. Example Strategies/Tactics: -Demonstrate using visuals and manipulatives; use a variety of different pictures and objects to represent the same idea. The SDAIE philosophy is based on giving students multiple ways of digesting lessons. -Group students with native speakers. Interaction with peers is a huge part of the students' learning process. Give students tasks that require interaction from each member of the group.

2. ESL Pullout

2.1. Summary: An approach to language acquisition in which students are pulled out of their general classroom for 3-10 hours per week to focus solely on learning English.

2.1.1. Objectives: -Provide a more singular focus on improving the students' English by working in small groups. *Meet the needs of each level of students by sorting them into groups based on their level of English proficiency. OR *Combine varying student levels into mixed-level groups, in an effort to promote increased comprehensible input (CI). Example Strategies/Tactics: -Sorting students based on English level; advanced students work on more advanced nuances of the language, while beginners work on more fundamental grammar and phonetic concepts.