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build stage by Mind Map: build stage

1. def

1.1. create deployable artifacts

1.2. build python wheel artifacts

1.2.1. create a deployable artifact pre-compiled/built

1.2.2. installation requires no dev dependencies

2. application artifact types

2.1. overview

2.1.1. Untitled

2.2. source distribution requires recompiling and building

2.2.1. may require different dependencies

2.2.2. invalidate previous testing

3. build application artifacts

3.1. create build env

3.1.1. adding package metadata to application course folder Untitled python universal standard to define metadata file packages include_package_data scripts install_requires specify non-application static files to include application Untitled not needed here because contains app contains no static contents

3.1.2. test and build consistency overview Untitled problem Untitled if test stage takes longer, the scenario more possible solution overview snapshot of app dependencies inside cache base test and builder service on the same build cache same application source code same application dependencies

3.1.3. implement build cache feature configure test stage to use build cache configure build stage to use build cache Untitled pip download command pip install command add volume inside docker/dev/Dockerfile Untitled update docker/dev/docker-compose.xml add a build volume

3.1.4. creating a builder service use the same dockerfile as test Untitled volumes where build output build artifacts: volumes Untitled volumes_from Untitled entrypoint / command Untitled --no-index -f /build . previously configured build env Untitled

3.2. build artifacts

3.2.1. commands $docker-compose build docker-compose command will always use cached images if available always run docker build command images are rebuilt $docker-compose up agent $docker-compose up test $docker-compose up builder

3.2.2. artifacts Untitled

3.2.3. review copy todobackend/src to /application inside container Untitled entrypoint scripts triggered: build python wheel Untitled publishing application artifacts Untitled

3.3. publish artifacts

3.3.1. publish locally

3.3.2. release stage image

4. summary

4.1. build application artifacts

4.2. source vs built distributions

4.3. python wheels

4.4. build using test environment

4.5. test and build consistency

4.6. publish locally for later stages