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Release stage by Mind Map: Release stage

1. build docker release image

1.1. minimal runtime env

1.2. install application artifacts

2. serving the application in production

2.1. overview

2.1.1. Untitled

2.2. nginx

2.2.1. front end server

2.2.2. authentication middleware for security

2.2.3. serving static content at scale

2.3. uWSGi

2.3.1. application container

2.3.2. convert incoming requests

2.4. uwsgi protocol

2.4.1. file based / network based

3. release env

3.1. prod-like env

3.2. external test runner to run acceptance tests

4. tag and publish

4.1. only if acceptance tests pass

4.2. docker hub

5. release stage

5.1. create release env

5.1.1. create application release settings folder structure Untitled Untitled update Untitled

5.2. build a release image

5.2.1. create release image folder structure Untitled dockerfile overview explain

5.2.2. describe the release env release environment design Untitled docker-compose.yml app service webroot nginx service db service agent service create todobackend.conf Untitled

5.2.3. test the release image release environment issues Untitled debugging issues $ docker-compose build $ docker-compose up agent $ docker-compose up app uwsgi: error while loading shared libraries django: error loading MySQLdb module: libmysqlclient

5.3. bootstrap release env

5.3.1. static files not collected overview Untitled command $ docker-compose build $ docker-compose up agent $ docker-compose up app $ docker-compose up nginx after nginx test 8000 port on browser initialization tasks

5.3.2. server error (500) problem Untitled troubleshoot configure debug flag only have an empty database schema and tables docker-compose run --rm app migrate --noinput

5.3.3. start application

5.3.4. review Untitled

5.4. acceptance testing

5.4.1. acceptance tests folder Untitled

5.4.2. Dockerfile Untitled

5.4.3. $ docker build -t jmenga/todobackend-specs

5.4.4. create a test service Untitled Untitled

5.4.5. run acceptance tests command $docker-compose kill $docker-compose build $docker-compose up agent $docker-compose run --rm app collectstatic --noinput $docker-compose run --rm app migrate --noinput $docker-compose up test $docker-compose ps

5.4.6. output Untitled

5.4.7. tag release image $docker tag release_app jmenga/todobackend:0.1.0 Untitled

5.4.8. publish release image

5.5. could be further expanded to include

5.5.1. load testing

5.5.2. security testing

6. review

6.1. build phase

6.1.1. Untitled

6.2. release phase

6.2.1. Untitled

7. summary

7.1. create release image from application build artifacts

7.2. verifies application passes acceptance tests in a release environment

7.3. runs from a release environment

7.4. requires initialization task

7.5. release image ready to be published and deployed if all tests passes