Enhance the workflow

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Enhance the workflow by Mind Map: Enhance the workflow

1. Dangling images and volumes

1.1. dangling images

1.1.1. scenario Untitled

1.1.2. docker rmi image

1.1.3. list dangling images $ docker images -f dangling=true

1.1.4. inside makefile under clean target docker images -q -f django=true -f label=application=$(REPO_NAME) | barges -I ARGS docker mi -f ARGS change base image to add labels Untitled $ docker build -t jmenga/todobackend-base . $ docker mi $(docker images -f dangling=true -q) $ make clean

1.2. dangling volumes

1.2.1. scenario Untitled

1.2.2. view dangling volumes $ docker volume ls -f dangling=true

1.2.3. delete dangling volumes add -v when removing containers Untitled

2. Improve user feedback

2.1. define color variables

2.1.1. Untitled

2.2. ${INFO} "Destroying development environment..."

3. Make workflow self-contained

3.1. volume mapping

3.1.1. Untitled

3.1.2. use cases sharing files from the docker client Untitled sharing files with the docker host Untitled

3.1.3. problem docker machine local environment Untitled docker machine on AWS Untitled

3.1.4. solution Sharing files with docker remote API Untitled volume mapping inside docker-compose.yml file Untitled specify copy inside makefile Untitled

4. Produce test reports

4.1. configure output dir in integration test

4.1.1. Untitled

4.2. test reports are generated each time CD workflow runs

4.2.1. DEV Untitled

4.2.2. RELEASE Untitled

4.3. get reports of out container to docker client

4.3.1. overview Untitled

4.3.2. test service dockerfile Untitled

4.3.3. release service dockerfile Untitled