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Lengua CII Francés / French 2 2011 by Mind Map: Lengua CII Francés / French 2 2011
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Lengua CII Francés / French 2 2011

FTI students Bienvenido a la asignatura Lengua CII Francés Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria España. CDL students Welcome to the French 2 class Center for Distance Learning Empire State College USA. Contact: Florence Lojacono SKYPE: Florence Lojacono, Spain Delicious: flojacono SlideShare: Florence.Lojacono Messenger: Florence Lojacono  

Espacios Virtuales Compartidos


Recursos compartidos

Actividades colaborativas



Objetivos didacticos

Competencias en lengua (competencias especificas)

Trabajo colaborativo (competencias transferibles)

Aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida (competencias claves)


evaluacion somativa

evaluacion continua

TICs (tutoriales)

In this WIKI you will find a selection of good tutorials and step-by-step guideline to help you with the web based tools we will use in this course. Note: You may be glad to know that even if as Instructors we like ICT very much, we never forgot that ICT is only a mean to reach our comon goals. For any aditional help, please contact: Florence Lojacono email in Angel for CDL studenta Florence Lojacono email in Moodle for FTI students