Higher Education of Prisoners

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Higher Education of Prisoners by Mind Map: Higher Education of Prisoners

1. Ideas

1.1. Employ present prisoners who may be able to assist in teaching programmes

1.1.1. Will encourage those with qualifications to keep busy and hopefully create their own goals to further themselves

1.2. Set-up secure jobs for prisoners once they have left prison

1.2.1. Will give ex-prisoners a chance to gain employment as would be difficult otherwise

1.3. Encourage support by showing results and making it known that educated prisoners are less likely to re-offend

1.3.1. Use examples of ex-prisoners employed through such programmes and are successful in their career

2. Cost

2.1. Inadequate funding

2.2. Considered non-essential

2.3. Lack of support and motivation

2.3.1. Encourage motivation by having guest speakers who managed to turn their lives around thanks to education in jail.

3. Action Points

3.1. Ad campaigns to encourage support for education programmes from members of the public

3.2. Petition to government to encourage funding

3.2.1. Start petitions to show public support

3.3. Offer paying jobs to those already in prison to teach prisoners who are not educated

4. Goals

4.1. Aquire funding for tertiary programmes

4.2. Gain support for such programmes

4.3. Educate prisoners to prevent them going back to jail