Indefinite article

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Indefinite article by Mind Map: Indefinite article

1. Indefinite adjectives in English are those who use it to refer to any object, without indicating in particular. The most commonly used indefinite articles are a and an, and used much less frequently , one. These items are used in the singular.

1.1. This article used before count nouns , wherever they appear in the singular, if the name is not in plural article is used . Here are some phrases :

1.1.1. I have a ball. -> Yo tengo una pelota. She is with a man. -> Ella está con un hombre.

2. Applications

2.1. A car, a house, a book, a desk, a computer. An envelope, an apple, an onion, an island, an umbrella.

2.2. Please, take me a paper sheet from my desk. I’ll give you an orange from the kitchen.

2.3. Jacob buy the primogeniture so cheap, for a plate of lentils. I only want an ounce of coffee.

2.4. My friend JJ, is a CPA. My cousin is an artist.

2.5. I make exercise 5 days a week. I celebrate my birthday once a year.

3. Rules

3.1. The indefinite article to be used before words beginning with a consonant or consonant sound ; an indefinite article is used before words beginning with a vowel or vowel sound :

3.2. When we refer to an object any of several :

3.3. When a quantifier adjective modifies the noun:

3.4. When in a descriptive sentence talking about the occupation of someone :

3.5. Cuando hablamos de la frecuencia con que algo sucede o se hace: