Essential Components in Technology Plan

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Essential Components in Technology Plan by Mind Map: Essential Components in Technology Plan

1. Approaches

1.1. Providing Training

1.1.1. Are the stakeholders equipped to carry it out? What sort of training is going to be carried out to teachers and pupils? How will it be implemented, even with the time constraints? Is there a way to measure the effectiveness of the training plans?

1.2. resource management and requirements

1.3. Enhancing Infrastructure and Giving support

1.4. curriculum integration

1.4.1. Plans of all departments Appropriate allocation of resources to support the plans

1.5. administrative needs

2. direction

2.1. mission and vision

2.1.1. What is the purpose of doing all of it? Who are the stakeholders? Who will it help? Will it help their other aims? Is it aligned to the school's own values, mission and vision?

2.2. needs assessment

2.2.1. Analysis of how ICT can support school's strategic plans, VMV

3. Communication

3.1. stakeholders

3.1.1. Students

3.1.2. Parents

3.1.3. Community