human life cycle

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human life cycle by Mind Map: human life cycle

1. Pre-School

1.1. A pre-schooler is between 4-5

1.1.1. focuses of learning

1.1.2. more paying attention

1.2. practicing better behaviour

2. School Age

2.1. between the ages of 5 and 13

2.1.1. more development in learning a wide range of skills and abilities These skills include physical, academic and emotional development.

3. Toddler

3.1. A toddler is between 1-3

3.1.1. toddler can talk and walk but knot as good

3.1.2. more indarpentit

3.2. has more social skills

3.2.1. In this first year of life many major changes occur.

4. Adolescent

4.1. 13 and 18

4.1.1. own decisions adolescents begin to pull away from people in charge, such as parents and teachers important step

5. Adulthood

5.1. begins at age 18 and continues until death

5.1.1. Employee

5.1.2. Employee

5.2. physical developmental changes

5.2.1. Employee

5.2.2. Employee

5.2.3. physical developmental changes

5.3. adults continue to learn and grow

5.3.1. important step

5.3.2. learn and grow emotionally and mentally throughout their live

6. infant

6.1. new born is  between 0-1

6.1.1. new born cannot walk or talk need help t eat