enviriroment problem

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enviriroment problem by Mind Map: enviriroment problem

1. minor  economic and educational level

2. Increment of the Poblacion

2.1. increased poverty and human conflicts

2.1.1. scantiness of   food and water least  places to live

3. Deforestacion

3.1. destruction  of forests

3.1.1. drastic decrease in the water supply breaks the climate balanceat regional level  and even planetary It is a severe problem in our country

4. Exceses Catch

4.1. reduction the existence of species

4.1.1. several species the salmon Pacific and Atlantic Ocean were placed on the list of endangered species Exceses Catch implicate costly environmental and economic marine flora and fauna  they had just

5. scantiness of water

5.1. is a problem world

5.1.1. exes use of the  water resources damage the biodiversity water resources sometimes resulting in war nd death of innocents. lack of potable water pricnicpal cause of dead in the world

6. air pollution

6.1. Wind toxic enter in contact

6.1.1. prejudiced the  health of the men older adults and kids they have higher  risk of problems from air pollution the air of edificos can also be  corrupt

7. soil pollution

7.1. alteration of Earth's surface with substances chemicals

7.1.1. alteration of soil quality seriously affect the flora, fauna or human health damaged of the landscape by the impoverishment of the ecosystem

8. alteration of the climate

8.1. consequence of the  concentration of wind the greenhouse effect

8.1.1. Altered Global rainfall changes in the global ecosistems unbalanced economic

9. excess of trash

9.1. disposal that generate troubles in the health

9.1.1. ocassional for the  disrespect by the peoble provoke trash in the steets Evading the pace of water when drizzle