Enviormental Problems

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Enviormental Problems by Mind Map: Enviormental Problems

1. Deforestation

1.1. is the removal of a forest or stand of trees

1.1.1. break the climatic balance

1.1.2. less water suppy

1.1.3. Chase use ground

1.1.4. Extreme cut of trees

1.1.5. No legal cut of trees

2. Marine Pollution

2.1. The major components of environ­ment are:

2.1.1. air

2.1.2. water Oil industry responsible for occasional large scale oil spills Manufacturing dumping toxic liquids directly into the ocean Agriculture toxic pesticides are washed into the rivers and streams that eventually flow into the ocean Littering and Dumping dump their local trash directly into the ocean

2.1.3. soil

3. overpopulation

3.1. Excessive population of an area

3.1.1. advancement of medicine specific treatments of illnes

3.1.2. public health medicines and treatments for everybody

3.1.3. food distribution food for everybody and diferent prices

3.1.4. Work More opportunities to get a work

4. overfishing

4.1. Catching too much fish

4.1.1. Overcapacity many fishing industries stay nin ocean for weeks or months

4.1.2. Unsustainable Fishing ishing methods and other equipment that catch too much fish to a degree that they are endangered

4.1.3. Economic and Food Needs ndustries bring ashore depends on the market and needs of consumers

5. air pollution

5.1. Contamination of the air, especially by smoke or gases from vehicles, factories, and power stations

5.1.1. acid rain can cause serious damage to certain type of stone building and statues

5.1.2. ozone depletion Destruction of the upper atmospheric layer of ozone gas, caused by substances

5.1.3. photochemical smog resulting from sunlight induced chemical reaction between industrial and automobile pollutants

6. nuclear energy

6.1. is the energy held in the nucleus of an atom

6.1.1. radioactive waste creation of radioactive wastes such as uranium

6.1.2. Nuclear reactors and power plants can potentially result in widespread contamination of air and water.