DAO societal cooperative platform

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DAO societal cooperative platform by Mind Map: DAO societal cooperative platform

1. Functions

1.1. Organize organizations as cooperatives,

1.2. When people buy a bundle of products or elements, their payments can be distributed to all the contributors and producers, one may be given options to choose how funds are distributed based upon which products they value most.

1.3. Missions: cooperative can define missions to serve the ulitimate mission of the cooperative

1.3.1. Missions are crowdfunded competitions, winner earns the prizes provided by members and customers.

1.3.2. Organization is governed by the collective. Decisions the cooperative makes will be sourced from member owners in a democratic way. This will be accomplished through DAO platforms, like Ethereum and Wings.

1.3.3. Missions produce products or elements of products, people pay to the owners of the achievement tokens.

1.3.4. Achievement Tokens: People can earn tokens for completing or contributing to missions. Tokens are like shares of stock. Token holders earn the rewards from their contributions. They can also sell their tokens. Tokens are a form of rights to their work.

1.4. Governance

1.4.1. The customers, producers, and prosumers own the cooperative and the value the cooperative earns. They have rights to the profits and the governance and decision making.

1.4.2. Voters can give there votes to designated person or automated voting program.

2. About

2.1. Social Progress Platform: (—Autonomous—  —Decentralized— —Cooperatively Owned and Governed—) —Platform— for organizing and executing social progress organizations and their missions and collective actions.

2.2. The genesis of the platform. This platform was meant as an element to help develop the Sustainy platform but now will be a platform to help develop and govern any cooperative.

2.2.1. Click to view the Sustainy blueprints.

2.3. See updated proposals here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S9j1WJ4Ugtf98cCDVwKhAimwA57fU2yv5KHjuVb-_vg/edit?usp=sharing

2.4. How to decentralize conversation https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qsr8vSfiQzJXwNa4mKc4v2Cn9XXUalU8P--ZsomQs-I/edit