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Olympic by Mind Map: Olympic

1. Winners

1.1. Why don't they get paid if they win gold the actually have to pay.

1.1.1. If they dont pay what happens

1.2. Do you have to pay taxes on the silver or bronze?

1.3. How long do they train is it to excessive?

1.3.1. Do all olympians train together or do they get to stay at home and train until the olympics?

2. Economy

2.1. How bad is the city after it has held the olympics?

2.2. Does it improve or hurt the economy?

2.3. The quality of the water was not great at rio... so should the divers/swimmers get a choice when they compete when they feel safe to go?

2.4. What kind of security does a country need to be able to hold the olympics?

3. History

3.1. How does today's Olympics differ from thoses of the past?

3.1.1. Do we have more sport or more partcipants?

3.2. Has the olympics been held in all countries?

3.3. Why the torch what does it symbolize

3.4. Has America always participated in the olympic games?

3.4.1. Have we ever held the olympics?

3.5. Who has won the most gold medals and how has this affected their life

3.5.1. Mentaly

3.5.2. Physically

3.5.3. Emotionaly

4. Influences

4.1. Most Olympics sign with brand name items to make money but they also have influences on young kids so if they mess up like Lochte and Phelps that what the kids remember.

4.2. They are also on commercials or cereal boxes

5. Sports

5.1. Are there certain requirement to be an Olympic sport or to be an Olympian?

5.2. Why do they take some sports out of the Olympics and put others in? such as softball and golf

5.2.1. How many games are allowed to be played at each Olympics?

5.3. Is there a limit on how many times you can go to the olympics or an age limit?

5.4. How do they determine what sports will be played is there voting?

6. Crime

6.1. 3 us swimmers vandalize a gas station restroom in rio.

6.2. If somewhere has a really high crime rate why would you let the olympics be held there?