Ripple Effects from Aneurysms

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Ripple Effects from Aneurysms by Mind Map: Ripple Effects from Aneurysms

1. Is enough being done to prevent ripple effects from aneurysms?

1.1. untreated?

1.2. Follow up appointments even years after the situtaion

1.3. research to predict any medical issues that may result from an aneurysm

2. What effect does an aneurysm have on a person's brain after treatment?

2.1. frontal lobe damage

2.1.1. personality changes

2.2. depression

2.3. anxitey

2.4. insomnia

3. Chances of aneurysm reoccurence

3.1. increased or decreased chances of recurrence after already suffering an aneurysm?

4. Joined with other disorders

4.1. Epilepsy

4.2. Diabetes

4.3. Stress

4.4. Obesity

5. Therapy and Rehabilitation

5.1. what methods are used to treat aneurysm patients?

5.2. what is involved in rehab?

5.3. physical therapists, occupational therapists, surgeons, nurses, doctors

5.4. hospital time

5.5. side effects of treatment?

6. What impacts do aneurysms have physically?

6.1. drowsiness

6.2. incision point from surgery

6.2.1. nerve damage

6.2.2. hair regrowth

6.3. balance & coordiantion

6.4. Epilepsy

6.4.1. Seizures

7. Impacts on loved ones

7.1. Stress

7.2. anxitey

7.3. depression

8. What is it?

8.1. initial cause

8.2. what could be done to prevent an aneurysm?