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Health by Mind Map: Health

1. General Surgery

1.1. What new technology is going on or being tested in the surgery field/s?

1.1.1. robots

1.1.2. upgraded tools/ materials

1.2. What are the effects of being a general surgeon?

1.2.1. mentally

1.2.2. physically

1.3. The annual salary for a general surgeon is $295,000.

2. Cancer

2.1. What can we do to prevent cancer?

2.1.1. Certain vitamins

2.1.2. What kind of diet?

2.2. What are the effects of chemo or radiation on a person?

2.2.1. Physical

2.2.2. mental

2.2.3. money

2.3. Is there something that can cure cancer but isn't being given to cancer patients?

2.3.1. not funded?

2.3.2. Want to make money so they sell "generic" kind of medicine to cure cancer?

2.4. Children cancer patients

2.4.1. what types of drugs are given to the kids?

2.4.2. Can they handle the same type of drugs as adults?

2.4.3. Does the process of becoming cancer-free take longer for children or for adults?

2.5. Artificial tanning

2.5.1. what are the effects of  sun tanning or prolonged sun exposure

2.6. non-medical and holistic cancer treatments

3. Pediatric care

3.1. Can children get the same kinds of medicine or drugs that adults do?

3.2. Are children taken care of first if there is many people hurt at one time?

4. Trauma Surgery

4.1. trauma surgeons have to work fast and be quick on their feet

4.2. 1 out of 3 people are involved in a traumatic accident in their life.

4.3. Trauma surgeons have to have 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical, followed by 3-7 years of residency training, and an additional 5+ years of actually residency

4.4. Salary: $400,000 after first couple of years.

5. Brain surgeon

5.1. To become a brain surgeon you have 4 years of undergraduate school followed by 4 years of med. school

5.2. Neurosurgeons take 6-7 years of residency training.

5.3. What are the effects of being a neurosurgeon?

5.3.1. emotional

5.3.2. physical

5.3.3. mental

5.4. The annual salary for a neurosurgeon, starting off, is $395,000. After around 6 years of practice, the annual salary is around $589,500.

6. Economical side of the health field

6.1. Do insurance companies do the best/ enough to help people pay for expensive medication?

7. Drug Abuse

7.1. Should there be a national data base to track controlled substances or should it be an issue for the state?

7.2. How many people work wide abuse drugs? where do they get them?

8. Diseases

8.1. Heart disease

8.1.1. How does congenital heart disease differ from other heart diseases?

8.1.2. How is congenital heart disease treated

8.2. Alzheimers

9. Eating disorders

9.1. Does society's portrayal on how women are supposed to look cause eating disorders?

9.1.1. Anorexia

9.1.2. Bulemic

10. Abortion

10.1. Should abortion be illegal

10.2. is birth control a form of abortion

10.3. Partial birth abortiion

11. Obesity

11.1. Should we blame fast food for obesity?