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Baseball by Mind Map: Baseball

1. What is the main objective of the game

1.1. Team OR Self?

2. When was the first game ever played?

2.1. Was it just a little backyard game?

2.2. Was it like with organized teams?

3. Who came up with the idea to play the game?

3.1. Was he good at the game?

3.1.1. OR was it just some idea a dumb drunk came up with

4. Who was considered the first greatest of all time?

5. What inspired the "Black Sox" to throw the world series?

6. What was the first stadium ever created?

7. Why is it considered America's pastime?

7.1. Is it still today?

7.2. Has it been overshadowed by other sports like Football or Basketball

8. What happens if teams continued in a tied game for indefinitely?

8.1. Call it after a certain insane amount of time

8.2. Continue till one team won regardless of extra innings?

9. Who was the first player to hit a homerun?

10. How has the game evolved over time?

10.1. Has it become more of a business

10.2. How have pitchers changed

10.2.1. More pitch selection?

10.2.2. Pitchers are more dominate then they have ever been.

10.3. How have salary caps changed with inflation?

10.3.1. How much would have big name players made in the game today? Would they have been nearly as dominate with this drastically different game?