Bass fishing

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Bass fishing by Mind Map: Bass fishing

1. Search Baits

1.1. Spinner Baits

1.1.1. Willow leaf blade or Colorado blade?

1.2. What are the best spring time colors?

1.3. Lipless Crankbaits vs squarebills?

2. Soft Plastics

2.1. Curly Tail Worms

2.2. Trick Worms

2.3. When do you use a trick worm over a curly tail?

3. Boats

3.1. Flat Bottom vs V hull?

3.2. Inboard or Outboard?

4. Trolling or Casting

4.1. How deep do you troll in summer?

4.2. To cast shallow or deep in summer?

5. Ledge fishing

5.1. Using big jigs, spoons, hair jigs, or big crankbaits

6. Fish Finders

6.1. Lowrance or Humminbird?

6.1.1. Downscan or sidescan?

6.2. Mounted at the dash ot trolling motor

7. Trolling Motors

7.1. What lb Thrust do you need for lakes?

7.2. Minn Kota or Motor Guide?

7.3. Self deploying or Manual?

8. Types of rods

8.1. What action rod is most common?

8.2. Do you need different action rods for different baits?

9. Types of reels

9.1. High gear ratio or low?

9.2. Abu Garcia, Shimano, Diawa, or Duckett?

10. Why are bass the most targeted sport fish?

11. bass are near the top of the food chain but what fish is above bass?