The Atlantic Ocean

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The Atlantic Ocean by Mind Map: The Atlantic Ocean

1. What size boat and motor are recommended?

1.1. Inboard or Outboard?

2. What type of fish are most commonly caught?

2.1. Shark? Tuna? Sailfish?

2.2. How do the baits for different fish vary?

2.3. How do the retrieves vary for each fish

3. The Bermuda Triangle

3.1. What type of weather is best?

4. You have to have a different license to fish in the ocean instead of lakes and ponds

5. What procedures do you need to take for proper safety while on the water?

5.1. Definitely life jackets

5.2. You should also check the weather before you go out

6. What happens when the water gets to rough to travel back to shore?

7. How does the Ocean change throughout the year?

7.1. I would say the weather definitely has a effect on it

8. What effect does pollution have on the ocean, the fish, and the ecosystem?

8.1. What are the major effects of oil spills in the ocean

8.2. Does garbage really hurt the fish and animals as much as the media says it does

8.3. How can we protect the ocean from pollution and help fix the damage that has already been done