The USS Eldridge

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The USS Eldridge by Mind Map: The USS Eldridge

1. Experiment

1.1. A ship that came out of philadelphia and teleported.

1.1.1. Part of a government experiment. Shows that governments not being transparent and honest got people killed. Should the government be more transparent? just to the people involved in the experiment? The government got these people killed because they didnt tell them the teleportation would happen

2. Ship

2.1. Ship was a US battle ship (Destroyer)

2.1.1. This ship did not carry any aircraft. just a few guns and a large crew

3. Science

3.1. Albert Einstein came up with technology that could make items smaller and invisible

3.1.1. The government became interested in this technology because they were in a war with japan.

3.2. Used dogs, cats, etc. to test the technology.

3.2.1. Positive: Learn more about the technology

3.2.2. Negative: Hurts those animals

4. Crew

4.1. The crew after the attempt either disappeared, burned to ash, or became part of the ship

4.1.1. How did the men end up like that?

5. Warning

5.1. Einstein warned the government by saying "This type of technology will not be used for the good of the human race

6. Hopes

6.1. I hope to learn about who decided that it would be a good idea to have a crew on the ship. and also why Albert Einstein let the government have the technology if he knew it wouldnt be used for good.

6.2. Why did Einstein let this technology get in the hands of the government?

7. What actually happened?