science of sleeping

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science of sleeping by Mind Map: science of sleeping

1. chemcials

1.1. Do they cause dreams

1.1.1. what chemicals cause good dreams?

1.1.2. what cause bad dreams?

1.2. Do they effect how long or short the stages of our sleep are?

1.2.1. released for muscle paralyzation

2. stages

2.1. five stages

2.1.1. 1 What happens?

2.1.2. 2 What happens

2.1.3. 3 what happens

2.1.4. 4 what happens

2.1.5. REM deepest sleep what happens in this?

2.1.6. Muscle movements spasms paralyzation Why? When do we sleep walk?why?

2.1.7. Why are there stages of sleep? What happens in them all? is everyone's length of sleep stages different?

2.1.8. How long do the stages last

3. environmental effects

3.1. do they effect dreams?

3.2. time we fall asleep

3.2.1. Does the dark really effect the way we sleep?

4. psychological

4.1. effects

4.1.1. waking mental health

4.2. why do we sleep?

4.3. sleep disorders

5. sleep deprivation

5.1. physical effects

5.2. mental effects

6. dreams

6.1. bad

6.1.1. do certain people have these more often?

6.1.2. Do mental illnesses effect this? what about intelligence?

6.2. good

6.3. Why?

6.3.1. What causes dreams?

6.4. sleep talking

6.4.1. sleep walking why do we do these? what causes these