World Poverty

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World Poverty by Mind Map: World Poverty

1. Shelter

1.1. What Places can help someone get into a home

1.1.1. homeless shelters

1.1.2. Salvation Army

1.2. are there charities to help save to build homes for those without?

1.3. what can we do for the people living on the streets?

2. Poorest Countries

2.1. In Africa

2.1.1. Eritrea GDP per capita of $735

2.1.2. Burundi GDP per capita of $615

2.1.3. Zimbabwe GDP per capita to be $487

2.1.4. Liberia GDP per capita of $465

2.1.5. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) GDP per capita of $348

2.2. In Europe

2.2.1. Bosnia and Herzegovina Average Income – $4760

2.2.2. Albania Average Income – $4450

2.2.3. Kosovo Average Income -$3990

2.2.4. Ukraine Average Income – $3560

2.2.5. Moldova Average Income – $2560

2.3. In Asia

2.3.1. Bangladesh Average Income – $2,085

2.3.2. North Korea Average Income – $1,800

2.3.3. Myanmar Average Income – $1,777

2.3.4. Nepal Average Income – $1,500

2.3.5. Afghanistan Average Income – $1,100

3. Effects

3.1. How does poverty in a country effect the country?

3.1.1. economically less jobs how do takes work? Do they even pay taxes?

3.1.2. ethnically

3.1.3. The country's deubt will it be a lot higher in a poor country? Why? A lot lower? why?

3.1.4. religiously how are people in poor countries learning about god? Do they even believe? what are ways to spread the word about god to under privileged places and countries. Mishionaries bibles Can we build churches?

4. How to help?

4.1. What charities are out there to help to solve world poverty?

4.1.1. how do these charities actually help? How much of the money donated actually goes to helping poor families? how can we branch out to help some of these poorer families?

4.1.2. what other ways can we help poverty? Donations of clothes Shoe donations?